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Insecurity At The Ngong Hills

posted 3 Nov 2010, 12:16 by Paul Kiroba   [ updated 23 Dec 2010, 01:29 by Unknown user ]
Hi folks. On the 23rd of October 2010, there was an incident at the Ngong hill involving a very very special man. Though from a poor background this man who was a deputy head teacher at Kidfarmarco Primary school was a darling to many, old and young, rich and poor, men and women,name it. He had taken his school scouts on a tour  the hills as is normal with scouts and all people who love the nature. We all do love nature. 

At around 1pm the team was attacked by 3 thugs and Fr. Kim was hit on the head and sustained a skull fracture. Fortunately the scouts were way ahead when attackers pounced hence none was hurt.
Only God knows what would have happened if the kids were not ahead of the pack. This man was haemophilic hence he bled to death. He could not be operated on because the doctors said he would not survive the anesthesia drugs leave alone the surgery. Nothing was more painful than seeing him slip away to a slow death while there was nothing anyone can do. He was finally laid to rest on the 2Nd of Nov 2010

The new constitution under the bill of rights guarantee everyone the right to security but this was never to be for Fr Kim.for this is the name of our dear friend.

What did the forest wardens do? Only write along the paths that it is unsafe. How do they make it safe? They charge protection fees so as to accompany you for they walk. If you don't pay, your guess is as good as mine. You will definitely get mugged. Do you read foul play? Of course it looks like a perfect mafia syndicate. I will not be surprised if the protectors turn out to be the muggers or working in cahoot with them.

We are asking all the nature lovers, parents and the general public to help make the Ngong hills and all the other nature trails safe for all to enjoy. Please feel welcome to put in your comments.